“There is a reason I tell everyone about Chad…working with him has completely changed the way I work out. I have been working out on and off my entire life, but never have I experienced the results that I have under his guidance. From the exercises and programs he provides to his overall accessibility and passion, I am feel extremely fortunate to be working with him”.

Kyle Fiore, 30


Chad has been an instrumental part in my fitness goals. I was recovering from a herniated disc in my lower back and Chad developed a safe and progressive program for me. The goal setting, constant attention and motivation Chad keeps all clients on track, and delivers results. His honest approach to training and diet is well researched and I am excited to be working with Chad to attain my long term goals.

– Dr. Kevin Creppin, 29


“In just 4 months training with Chad I’ve seen very noticeable improvements in strength, balance, posture and muscle tone. I feel healthier and have more energy. Investing in him has become a priority.

-Jerry Connor, 51


“Back In January 2016, I was dealing with a lot of emotional baggage. Emotional baggage for me tends to come out physically… I either hold it, or I work it off. I made a decision to start going to the gym. I showed up without a thread of knowledge with where to begin

I sat and contemplated as I looked onwards at people who were “in the know”. Feeling more deflated than ever and ready to walk away completely from ever feeling healthy again, Chad appeared. He had an approachable demeanor, so I approached. I simply wanted to talk about the possibility of getting in shape on my own. We had a consultation and then a trial workout. I thought I was strong, but I had no idea what I was capable of. Chad did – and still does – show up for me as an anchor for my health. He’s truly and honestly guided me to take my health and my life into my own hands.

Everyday he challenged me to make healthy choices and to push myself within reason as this is far from a race. I wanted a lifestyle change and he supported that. I was grateful to meet Chad, and I am still grateful that he believes in me enough to stick by me and support my goals. He goes way beyond the job of a trainer – he’s someone who is supportive on so many levels, which is why I’ll stick by him and continue to trust him.

Since starting my work with Chad back in March of 2016, I’ve lost 10 pounds on the scale but built tons of strength and added muscle while losing fat. I have gone down 2 dress sizes in that time. But those numbers do not compare to the confidence I have built. I have had trainers before but what makes Chad different is he saw my desire for a lifestyle change and he’s supported me with that everyday”.

– Hannah, 32




“Chad has completely changed the way I train since taking me on as a client. I have seen incredible results working with him for close to a year now. He has been extremely supportive and is always available to answer my many questions. His knowledge of fitness is unparalleled and always growing, as a result I have learned many new techniques and strategies that will impact my training for the rest of my life.”

– Felix Hamel, 29


“I worked with Chad for about 6 months and we changed my body dramatically. Before we started I was hesitant to get into weight lifting because of the fear of getting bulky -he assured me it wouldn’t happen and he was so right! I haven’t stopped since and I am forever grateful for everything he taught me. He is very knowledgeable, sensible and a pleasure to work with. He is extremely passionate, attentive to form and makes himself available for questions whether it be on nutrition, workouts and strategy. Chad has a very positive energy and pushed me way passed what I thought was possible. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Tiffany, 28

Tiffany lost 15 pounds and several inches all over. While doing so she gained strength, muscle and lost fat.

I was first introduced to Chad through my sister, which I am very grateful for .He is very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition and he designed a program suited for me. He is not only a gentleman with a friendly personality he is skilled and truly passionate about his craft.

My goal was to lose 30 pounds and I have reached that goal and exceeded it. He guided me on a proper nutrition course, which taught me more on how to love the food I cook and not to be scared to indulge reasonably.

He motivates me to be a better person inside the gym and outside. This is a life change for me it’s not short term it is my part of who I am now. I walk with my head held high and with confidence I never had before.

Chad will lead you wherever you want to go. He is a life long coach.

-Laurie Pope


“Before I started training Chad I was in a long plateau and was more likely to get injured than make any actual progress. Chad taught me the core principles of strength training so I could improve my lifts in a safe and effective way. My Deadlift went up 75lbs, Squat went up 55lbs, and Bench went up 40lbs, for total of 170lbs increase in only 5 months. I also managed to get an overhead press that weighed more than my own bodyweight (170lb overhead press with a 165lb bodyweight). I feel more confident in my ability to train and could not have gotten to where I am without Chad’s constant support and guidance.”

– Mark Breedon, 24


“When we all think about our health it is true that as you get older certain challenges start occurring. They kind of sneak up on you and all of a sudden you become aware that you aren’t moving as quickly or maybe you’ve had a few too many visits to the physiotherapist and then you need to decide OK this isn’t the best way to move forward. My reaction to all of this was to try following a program with a trainer. I impulsively signed up for a few sessions thinking that it certainly couldn’t hurt. I knew that I wouldn’t respond to “boot camp” style or quite the opposite which would be too flowery.

Fortunately, I ended up being matched with a trainer with just enough patience and calm determination to get me started on the right path. Chad, with his youth and enthusiasm combined with a strong background knowledge in strength training and nutrition make him the best kind of trainer for anyone hoping to improve their overall fitness level.

Whether you’re already fit and wanting to aim for a higher level of performance or perhaps like me, needing to get back into shape he will easily design an individualized program that will soon show early results. He invests a lot of time and effort into each session and you always get the feeling that he is genuinely interested in helping you to reach your goals. He actively encourages his clients to ask as many questions as they want and to put it in his words, “If I don’t have the answer I’ll find someone who does”. Chad has a natural teaching ability which makes it easy to follow the exercises and he’s careful to correct a position or grip and all of a sudden you’ve got it! I never understood the importance of subtle changes in the way you do the exercise or the particular type of exercise designed for your goals and that’s the difference that a trainer makes.

Finally, I was never aware that strength training could make such a difference in successful weight loss. I could write a lengthy book about failed weight­ loss or exercise programs that I have tried. This is the first time in years that I have successfully reduced my weight and stayed with any program. To put it very simply this type of strength training not only gets you in shape it just makes you feel good! Following a program with Chad has been the best investment of my time and money. My only regret is that I wish I had known sooner what a difference a trainer could make to my overall health.

Eileen Barry