Technique of the Week: One Arm Dumbbell Press

The one arm dumbbell press is a rarely seen upper body exercise in most gyms. It’s typically left off most programs for exercises like bench presses and two-arm DB Press variations.

It’s unfortunate as this one will not only provide you with a little variety, it’ll also end up making your two arm pressing stronger in the end. In addition, it’ll work everything from your core all the way down to your feet. Once you start to get good at these, trust me, you’ll feel your whole body working to keep you from falling off the bench.

Always keep in mind, if you’re interested in moving better, being a better athlete, or giving the body the variety it needs to be more likely to stay pain free – single limb exercises it’s where it’s at.

The keys are:

  • elbow should be roughly 45 degrees – so kinda tucked. Notice where my elbow is in the video.
  • As in all pressing variations, the wrist (and dumbbell) should stay right over your wrist
  • Make sure your feet are planted and ready to help you out
  • Hand should come down right around the level of your chest
  • Extend the arm and press it directly above your shoulder – people have a tendency to let it fall out by the side – a little risky.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.


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