Technique of the Week: Split Stance Romanian Deadlift

To date, I’ve yet to see another person in the gym doing the split stance Romanian deadlift. Not once. In fact, this exercise is still so underused and underexposed that my Youtube video of the split stance RDL technique gets about 9 to 10 times (or way more) views than my other videos. There just aren’t that many videos of it floating around.

All that does is solidifies it, in my mind, as one of the most under appreciated lower body exercises.

The split stance RDL is great for anyone looking to pack on some strength and definition to the hamstrings and glutes while improving the power of your stride. Or for anyone that’s ever bent over to pick something up off the ground – i.e. YOU. I feel the split stance Romanian deadlift benefits throughout the day and you will too. It’s also really friendly to the knees and done properly will help save your low back.

Keys are:

  • flat back
  • chin tucked
  • aim to keep front shin vertical
  • stride length roughly 1-1.5 feet
  • sit into the working hip

Here’s the video:

Check out my Romanian deadlift tutorial, too.

If you’ve got any comments/questions, leave em at the bottom or shoot em HERE anytime.

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