Technique of the Week: Hollow Holds

The Hollow Body Holds – and its many possible variations – are amazingly effective and really simple core drill that’ll have your abs screaming for mercy. Really. Most people have trouble with the first one in this video for more than 10-15s without tapping out.

Working on your hollow holds are also a great way to make pull ups and chin ups easier because it focuses on control through your midsection which is an easy-to-forget piece of a pull up. Some people who have enough strength in the upper body have trouble with pull ups because their body’s swinging all over the place while they try – the hollow holds offer a fix.

And, of course, one of the big pluses is you can do these anywhere. Like now. Wherever you are.

Drop and give me 20 — seconds.

Check the video out. It’s a pretty simple (but challenging drill) drill and the keys are to force your low back into the ground the entire way (don’t get lazy!) and don’t allow your legs (or arms for the tougher one) come too far off the ground.

As always, shoot me any questions to or HERE or HERE.


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