Let Me Show You How I Burn the Fat

It’s February 20th as I start writing this and starting tomorrow I’ll be leaning down for the next several months. I’m actually looking forward to it because life, for many reasons, is better when lean. Trust me, I’ve been out of shape at around 230 and I’ve been in really good shape at 180.

Different worlds.

As much as I hop on Facebook and Instagram everyday and continue to work at putting stuff on this website every week,  I think there’s something different (and valuable) that comes from showing you how.

So I’m going to chronicle the process. Every day. Until it’s done.

But, before I get into that.

Where I Started

It’s really tough to say where exactly this started. But this is what happened after I hired someone else to do the thinking.

30-35 pounds down. Leaner. Healthier. More Athletic. And less….yellow?

In the before picture, I was anywhere from 210-215 pounds at any given moment. Although it may not look like it, in some ways, I was already decently fit. I was strong, I moved well and I didn’t get tired running up the stairs. And, for the most part, I ate healthy. Believe it or not.

On the flip side, my training was erratic, and my appetite – in all its glory – got the better of me more than I should’ve let it. I felt heavy and I’m sure my health markers weren’t where I wanted them to be either. As a fitness professional I took the proverbial look in the mirror – in this case, a literal one too – and I decided I had an onus on myself to not only “look the part” but to be the part as well.

I needed help. It’s not that I didn’t know what to do – I did – but I knew I’d do better if I was just listening to someone else.

So, I outsourced my fitness by hiring a coach.  In roughly 8 months, I saw the scale drop by a high of 35 pounds before we called it quits on the diet. Eight months was enough.

At that point, I felt the best I ever had in terms of energy, movement, confidence, happiness and hell, sex drive too. I caution you not to associate these things purely based on what you see in the pictures, but also on how much healthier my body was internally. The fact that I just did something challenging didn’t hurt either.

Where am I right now?

Almost back to where I started.

Haha. Just kidding.

But I will say this – if you pay too much attention to the scale, you might think so. And this one’s actually a tad vulnerable on my part. Not because I have any kind of personal issue with my body right now, or anything like that. But moreso because it opens me up to criticism in being a fitness professional that does help people lose weight but clearly gained some over the last 4-5 months.

                Blurred out abs. Blurred out everything. 


Also, the pic on the right there, no one thinks I look out of shape when I’ve got a shirt on. Don’t let magazine covers, bad lighting and the fact I’m positioned next to a leaner me fool you.  Like I said before, I felt noticeably better on the left in all kinds of ways but I’m not in bad shape.

How much to be exact? About 20-25 pounds. And mostly intentional.

In a perfect world, it would have been about 12-15. It would’ve probably seen me add very similar amounts of muscle while minimizing the amounts of fat. And, of course, it would have meant less shawarma platters.

Winter 2017 – The Winter of Shawarma Platters

If you want to remain leaner while gaining muscle, you can.  I *chose* not to worry about it for reasons like stress, moving twice, starting a business, adjusting to a new city and sleepless nights spent working. There was also the entire month of January I spent without wifi, living out of coffee shops and rarely doing groceries.

The fact that I fucking love food probably played into it too.

So, I backed off any added stress related to, god forbid, gaining some excess weight in a time period where gaining weight was the goal. Same way I would tell you that life can get in the way and create challenges to which fitness takes a back seat – it did a little for me. That said, I was training hard and clearly put on a good chunk of muscle.

And really, I may even be surprised at how fast some of the excess comes off. My metabolism is humming right now.

I’m going to show you how I do it

This brings me to now, which for a while, has been on the calendar as the time I would lean down for good. I may even completely shred down and show you how much it takes and why you should never bother unless someone’s gonna pay you. To date, no one’s offered to pay me, so I haven’t decided yet. Mayyyybe just this once though.

People have been asking questions ever since I started posting regularly, so I figured I’d show you how I do it with the intention of answering common questions and giving insight. And I hope it fuels more conversation and offers you some value.

I start off, as of this morning (February 21st, 2017) at 202.5 pounds.

Daily, through my Facebook and Instagram feeds I’ll chronicle the process. Add me to either if we’re not connected already.

Full disclosure: I will show you *my way* – I don’t want you to think it’s the only way. I hope it brings up questions and educates. If I make it seem easy, just know I’ve had tons of practice (and many failures). And I’m not doing it alone – Jordan tells me what to do. Having someone guide the process makes it easy compared to not.

And if you have any questions about how it’s been set up (or why), feel free. I’ll do my best to explain in it words that actually make sense to you.

I also think the added accountability this brings – even though it isn’t my intention – is important to note. Accountability/coaching is the most underused “fitness/diet hack” out there – but I won’t go out of my way to make this look perfect. 


On top of (near) daily posts on whatever fitness-related thoughts come through my head, I’ll be posting much like I do with my daily emails to my coach. I’ll give you calorie and protein numbers, show daily weights, show the measurements every 2 weeks, and show pictures monthly. I’ll tell you why I make certain decisions, show you how I plan ahead, and whatever other thoughts I think could be valuable.

And trust me, I’ll make it really clear when I inevitably eat 6 slices of pizza and whatever else and my weight jumps 6 pounds in a night. It will happen. You don’t have to be perfect, and I want you to see it.

And I also want you to see how fast I don’t care when the plan takes a hit. Or how I plan ahead for social stuff.

Note: as I edit this now before I post, it’s 12:30pm on Friday and I’ve got Chipotle at 4:30pm with a colleague staring me in the face. There’s a time and place to screw the diet within reason, but you can make stuff like that work if you plan ahead. Today I’m planning ahead.


I’ll continue to post exercise videos and either generally giving some commentary on the exercise itself or talk about the greater workout and exercise as it relates to weight loss.

And I’ll probably continue to be one of those people that takes pictures of their food.

To Start:

I won’t get into the specifics of the training plan as that would violate an agreement I have with my coach. My instagram account does show a lot of what I’m doing though.

Nutritionally: my calories are set anywhere between 1700-2400 calories daily and protein at 180 grams or above.

Calorie counting isn’t a necessity, but I just can’t stand doing this thing without structure. Without counting, it basically comes down to protein and vegetables (I don’t count veggies) and limited amounts of whatever else.

Do I break these numbers? Yes. But for the most part I stick by em.


If these posts bring up questions or comments, I encourage you to ask. I certainly like comments posted publicly so more people can learn. But if you want, privately messaging me or emailing me is always fair game.

And if you can think of any ways I can make this better or more worthwhile for you, or others, let me know ASAP. Open for suggestions.








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