Technique of the Week: Dumbbell Assisted Leg Lifts

Looking for more exercises to hit the abs? I gotcha covered.

The Dumbbell Assisted Leg Lift is a nice simple move that you’ll really feel in the midsection. The challenge is to use the abs to keep your lower back flat on the floor as you control your limbs — the challenging part is the lowering part.

And sure, you can definitely take the “Dumbbell Assisted” part out of the equation after a while. You’ll probably be best starting with a 35-50 pound Dumbbell (or kettlebell) to hold on to and grabbing lighter and lighter weights, all the way down to nothing, as you get better with the movement.

In the video below, I also show a tougher variation that involves a “hip pop” which increases the challenge put on the abs.

Check the video out below and leave any questions/comments in the section below. Or, by all means, shoot me a message at HERE — that’s cool too.



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