Technique of the Week: The Bulgarian Split Squat


Before I get into it, I’ll just say it, I cannot emphasize enough how valuable this one is for a better looking set of legs and butt, while also making you way more athletic.

But see, I’ve got a little love/hate relationship going on with the Bulgarian Split Squat.


I credit it with saving my hips – my entire lower body, really – which started at the age of 26 when my body was a complete mess. After a long athletic career, which saw me routinely, season after season, put it through the ringer – I could barely walk 20 minutes without my hips seizing.

For me, it’s in a toss-up for the best lower body lift for anyone looking to look better and feel stronger.

And love again?

I can’t squat. I’ve got some pretty significant issues at the hip that only surgery *might* fix. So, I give some credit to these bad boys for helping me fill out my jeans.

A lot of people, for many reasons, are poor squatters. Progressed properly (see below), the BGSS is easier to get into for pretty much everyone. It’s easier on the back, an easier movement to handle and you don’t have to handle as much weight to get the same effect.


They’re tough, man. They burn like fuck.

You Gotta Do Em Though

Without question, they are one of the top exercises for defining your glutes, hamstrings and quads. And they’ll make your stride feel great again.

When a client bangs some of these out for the first time, I know we’ve got one of the big puzzle pieces in place. How do I progress a client to it though? In most cases we start HERE.

Wanna Learn How?


Any questions? Drop a comment or send me a line HERE

Thanks for reading…and watching.



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