Technique of the Week: How to (properly) stretch your hip flexors

A week doesn’t go by without one of my clients – or anyone, really – asking about stretching. In many cases, they wanna know about their tight hip flexors.

We sit down all our lives and those little buggers up at the front side of the hip – and one that goes from hip to knee – can get a little tight. Giving them a little stretch and movement can do some good.

Please note: don’t forget, adding some tone to the abs (which act against the hip flexors), is another way to loosen them up. Get some ideas HERE.


Most are doing more harm than good with these stretches. In many cases, people are actually giving the front side of their hip joint (the ligaments) a stretch.

We DO NOT want this.

So, if you’re feeling something right up top, it may actually be the head of your femur trying to poke through the front of your hip. You want that thing to stay centered while the muscle stretches.

Incoming short (hopefully painless) anatomy lesson.

The way we do this is by engaging the glute on the same side we’re trying to stretch. Based on where the gluteus maximus attaches on the top of the femur, this pulls it backward in the socket leaving nothing but hip flexor muscle to be stretched.


Wanna see how to do it the right way? Check it out so you keep your hip joint healthy while getting the stretch you’re looking for. If for nothing else, I say “butt tight” about 3923 times in this short video. Hope the message gets through.

If you have any questions, press HERE.


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