Technique of the Week: The Split Squat

I can honestly say the split squat finds itself in almost every program I write for new clients. In some cases, clients aren’t ready for it on day 1, so I give them straps or bands to hold on to for support as they feel it out.

Sometimes a trainee’s legs really aren’t ready for single leg work so we may spend some time working in the half kneeling position (basically the bottom of the split squat) working on balance and stability with something like a half kneeling pallof press. Alongside that, we’ll strengthen the legs by squatting with both legs.

In a lot of cases, people are ready for split squats on day 1, and if so, they get em. They’re the door way to some of the best lower body exercises. Not only this, they’ll add definition to your thighs while improving your stride and athleticism.

We run, jump, and play most sports with one leg at a time, so we should train them that way too.

I like sets of 8-12 but you can play a little below that or even higher if you want.

Check the video out and try em out.


As always, let me know if you have any questions. Just click  HERE.


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