Exercise of the Week: Stability Ball Leg Curl

The stability ball leg curl is a key exercise and it finds its way, in some shape or form, in many of the programs I write for my clients.

I provided you with several great exercises to work the backside of the body in my article HERE, which focused largely on movements that occur directly at the hips. The exercises in the article had a glute emphasis but  many of them also included significant contributions from the hamstrings.

The stability ball leg curl relies much more on hamstring activity with a side of glute – it pairs really well with the exercises from the article. The SB Leg Curl movement occurs mostly at the knee and for optimal development of the hamstring you’ll want to include exercises like this or exercises like leg curl machine varieties.

On top of the muscle stuff, it’s also a very valuable exercise for anyone that is active on their feet or has suffered an injury to the knee in the past. Whether you’re an athlete of any kind, or really, any kind of human being, this is a great exercise for YOU.


As you’ll see in the SB Leg Curl tutorial – the exercise requires an ability to hold the hips locked, keeping the shoulders, hips and knee in line the whole way. In order to have any chance of doing this successfully, you’ll first need to be able to handle these two exercises fairly easily. Many will have no problem with these two exercises, if so, begin the SB Leg Curl.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to spend a little time with the exercises below before you grab the ball.

Glute Bridge

Hip Thrust

Stability Ball Leg Curl

At 1:20 in this video I show the early progression I use with many of my clients while they learn this movement as many are not prepared to do reps of these properly — it’s basically a hip thrust hold on the ball with a proper lowering (hips stay up!).

Once you can do that properly, it’s time to start doing reps.

Check it out, give it a shot, and let me know if you have any questions.









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