Exercise of the Week: 3 Point Dumbbell Row

The 3 Point dumbbell Row is one of my go-to exercises for the muscles of the upper back and lats.  Many people workout the muscles you can see in the mirror more often than the ones you can’t — this is a mistake. With balance of movements in your programs you avoid injury and build a more balanced physique with better posture.

Never heard anyone complain over nice back muscles either.

The 3 point row on a bench gets involvement from the biceps and the backside of the shoulders as well. On top of that, because we’re only working one limb at a time your core is put to work as it resists your torso rotating as you pull the weight. Once you develop some strength with this 3 point row exercise, you may actually start to feel your obliques working. Strengthening the core is never a bad thing.

As always with pulling exercises that work the upper back, you should always be using a weight that you can pause with at the top to ensure you aren’t just swinging the weight up and using momentum. Doesn’t mean you have to pause, just that you should be able to.

With beginners, I often do program pauses into many of their lifts in the first month or two because I want them to control the weight and avoid going too heavy.

Sets and reps usually stick around 3-4 sets and 6-12 reps.

Key notes:

  • Note my back position is roughly straight with very light curves in the lower and upper back. Excessive arching and curving of the back will keep the right muscles from working, impair performance and could lead to injury.
  • This back (or spine) position includes my neck, which is looking straight at the bench
  • I pull the bell/fist towards my elbow. The bell is always directly under my elbow
  • I don’t drive my elbow too high, just passed my torso is ideal
  • I lift my shoulder with my upper back muscles

As always, if you have any questions, type something out to chad@chadhargrove.com and press send. Otherwise, find me at Facebook or Instagram (@chadhargrove1).

Talk soon.

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